Taco Kitty is a decentralized token bringing crypto to the average person and contributing to saving the overpopulation of cats from being Euthanized or having a shortened lifespan due to the living conditions they are exposed to and not being cared for. Taco Kitty is hyper-deflationary with an integrated smart staking system built to reward its HODLERS meaning that the Holder automatically receives more TOY Tokens with each transaction made.



Name: Taco Kitty (TOY)

Distribution: 35% Ecosystem – 30% Liquidity – 15% Exchange Listing – 10% Marketing – 10% Team and Future Development

Contract: 0x7AbaA1d493f9C49d96C03433d3c4344fC6B37E57

Total Supply: 500,000,000,000,000

Our Dream

Taco Kitty was created in July 2021 with the goal of being a decentralized meme project but with an actual use case. Our dream is to rescue cats and bring awareness to the mainstream of the cat overpopulation crisis while bringing crypto adoption along with rewards, NFT’s, contributing to our partnered charity, adopting cats from token transactions fees, building Taco Kitty sanctuaries around the world, a credit card for crypto payments directly from our website, and our Taco Kitty Decentralized Exchange.


Taco Kitty Swag / Merchandise

Taco Kitty will have its own Merchandise store with the proceeds going to help support the Charities we donate to and to help adopt more Cats. 


Taco Kitty Exchange

How we differ from the other tokens out there is by having our own decentralized exchange.


Taco Kitty Swap

We are one of the very few tokens to offer a live decentralized token swap directly from our website.


Taco Kitty Credit Card

We will be one of the very few tokens to offer a credit card for crypto payments directly on our website.


Taco Kitty NFT’s

We will have an NFT platform where users can purchase an NFT of the Cats we have adopted with the proceeds from those NFT purchased going towards adopting more Cats.


Taco Kitty Sanctuary

With the help of our partnered charity, we will be donating the proceeds from the fees received towards building a sanctuary for Cats to help bring them a place they can call home as well as food and medical care. The sanctuaries will be called “Taco Kitty Sanctuary” and with the help from our community we hope to bring this to many places around the world.

Our Values

Taco Kitty is supported by its community of supporters. We believe in 3 core values which are Trust, Transparency, and Community Support. With these values we can help support our cause and make a difference.


Rewards – For every transaction in the Taco Kitty network a 5% fee will be distributed to existing holders. This in turn means that each HODLER will earn more TOY just by HODLING. With every transaction not only does your token amount grown but so does the amount we can contribute to our Charities and to adopting Taco Kittys.

5% fee = redistributed to liquidity pool

5% fee = redistributed to token hodlers with each transaction

5% fee = will be contributed to our Charity

5% fee = will be used towards adopting Cats


Locked LP

Liquidity tokens are burned and locked with an additional 5% of all transaction fees being added to liquidity


Hodler's Rewards

With each transaction hodlers of our token get rewards just for hodling



5% of each transaction fee will be contributed to our Charity



5% of each transaction will be used towards adopting Cats

Taco Kitty (TOY)

Taco Kitty Pawmap

Follow Our Kitty’s Journey!

1st Phase

  •  Website Launch
  •  Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Reddit and Discord)
  •  Taco Kitty (TOY) is LIVE
  • Marketing Taco Kitty to bring awareness to others and to bring together a Community

2nd Phase

  •  Taco Kitty Swag/Merchandise
  • Verfied BSC Scan
  • Partnership with Paws with Cause
  • Meme Development
  • Marketing and Influencers
  •  Coinmarketcap Listing
  •  Coingecko Listing
  •  Coinmarketcal Listing
  •  Third Party Audit

3rd Phase

  •  Larger Marketing and Influencer push
  •  Listing on a Major Exchange
  •  Voluntary Donation to our Partnered Charity
  •  Voluntary Adoption of Cats

4th Phase

  •  Release NFT market place for Taco Kitty
  •  Minting NFT’s of Adopted Cats
  •  Proceeds from NFTs will go towards Adopting more Cats
  •  Form a Taco Kitty Meet up/Gathering
  •  Credit Card for Crypto live on our Website
  •  Taco Kitty Exchange
  •  Donation to our Partnered Charity to commence the build of the Taco Kitty Sanctuary


Interested in partnering with us? Email us at


Here are a few answers to some questions you may have, if you can’t find your question email us at

What makes Taco Kitty any different from all these other Meme coins?

What makes Taco Kitty different from the other countless dog and meme coins is that our long term goal is to build a cat (& animal) sanctuaries all around the world.

How can I purchase Taco Kitty ($TOY)?

Currently you can purchase TOY tokens from PancakeSwap you can click here or click the Buy Now button on the top menu.

We are currently only swapping BNB for TOY. We have a plan to create more liquidity pools for different tokens and currencies.

Can't buy $TOY on PancakeSwap

If you are getting the following error when trying to swap Taco Kitty on PancakeSwap:
The transaction cannot succeed due to error: execution reverted: PancakeRouter: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT.

Click on the gear icon (  ) to open the settings and increase the Slippage Tolerance to 20% percent

The reason for this is because we have a higher tax fee for Locked LP and Hodler rewards, with that plus slipage we need to set the slippage to 20%.

If you are still having issues, please contact us at 

Can I add my $TOY tokens to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool?

Yes, you can add your share of TOY tokens to our PancakeSwap pool as a liquidity provider (LP) you would have to put BNB as your token pair.

When do I get my rewards?

With every transaction the rewards are caluclated depending on the amount of Taco Kitty tokens you are hodling. It will take an additional transaction before the rewards are sent out to each hodler.

How can I get involved with the project?

If you are interested in getting involved with Taco Kitty send us an email at

We are currently looking for influencers to help promote our project as well as a community manager.

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